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Kosei's Acquisition of AAP St. Marys


RE: Statement on Kosei’s acquisition of AAP St. Marys

ST. MARYS –  The City of St. Marys would like to welcome Kosei into the community following its recent acquisition of AAP St. Marys.  

“We had the opportunity to meet with Kosei’s leadership group earlier this week and are appreciative of their commitment to St. Marys,” St. Marys Mayor Patrick J. McGowan said. “We had a wonderful, 30-year relationship with the folks from Hitachi Metals (AAP’s parent company) and look forward to continuing that relationship with Kosei.”

During the meeting this week, city officials also had the opportunity to meet with Kosei President Shunkichi Kamiya.

“I would like to thank Mr. Kamiya for his investment in our community,” McGowan said. “He spoke very highly of our community, its workforce and expressed a desire to be a part of St. Marys. I look forward to having a long-lasting and mutual beneficial relationship with Mr. Kamiya and Kosei.”

In addition to the business relationships with local Japanese companies, the City is proud of its cultural relationship with the businesses based in Japan.

“We have had a strong sister city relationship with Awaji City for decades,” McGowan said. “We feel this cultural exchange is vital to our strong relationship with our Japanese companies.”

McGowan said the acquisition is a good example of organic growth.

“Organic growth is paramount to the City of St. Marys,” McGowan said. “We take great pride in fostering an atmosphere where our companies can grow and expand from within. We truly feel we have great partnerships with our companies.”

“This is great news for the City of St. Marys,” St. Marys Manager of Industrial and Community Development Michael Burkholder said. “We look forward to working with Kosei for years to come.”