Bid Openings/Quotes

Instruction to Bidders:

Legal Notices are published announcing bid openings. All bids are publicly opened and read at the Municipal Building at the time set forth in the legal notice. The meeting will start promptly with the presider announcing the closing of acceptance of bids. Contracts are awarded to the bidder submitting the lowest responsive and responsible bid; however, the City reserves the right not to award a contract and to reject any or all bids and to waive any irregularities.

Please refer to the Legal Notice for detailed instructions on each bid listed.

Title Status Opening/Closing Date
2018 CDBG Street Resurfacing Project Open
Apr/3/18 to Apr/24/18
Water Transmission and Force Main Lines, Contract 3B, 2018 Open
Mar/5/18 to Apr/19/18
Water Treatment Plant, Contract 3A, 2018 Open
Mar/5/18 to Apr/19/18
Street Maintenance Materials Closed Feb/1/18
2017 West Spring Street Reconstruction Project Closed
Dec/6/17 to Dec/21/17
Well 6 Development Project Closed
Oct/25/17 to Nov/9/17
U.S. Rt. 33 Pedestrian Bridge Project - Statement of Qualifications Closed
Sep/1/17 to Sep/15/17
750,000 Gallon Fluted Column (McKinley Road Tank) Wet Interior Repaint, Dry Interior Partial Repaint, and Miscellaneous Repairs Closed Aug/1/17
Rock Salt Closed Jul/14/17
Water Plant Treatment Chemicals, Pebble Lime, Dense Soda Ash Closed Feb/24/17
General Services Storage Building Project 2016 Closed
Nov/23/16 to Dec/13/16
Street Materials Closed Dec/8/16
Farm Rent Bids Closed Sep/9/16
Rock Salt Closed Jul/14/16
2016 Spruce Street Reconstruction Project Closed
Apr/8/16 to Apr/21/16
Control House/Metal-Clad Switchgear 15kV - Spokeworks Substation Closed
Mar/14/16 to Mar/18/16
Water Plant Treatment Chemicals Pebble Lime, Dense Soda Ash Closed Feb/18/16
Pavement Marking Quotes Closed
Feb/3/16 to Mar/3/16
Street Maintenance Materials Closed Dec/11/15
City of St. Marys 72.5k V Power Circuit Breakers Project Closed
Nov/25/15 to Dec/10/15
City of St. Marys 15/20/25/28 MVA Power Transformer Project Closed
Nov/25/15 to Dec/10/15
City of St. Marys Southeast Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project 2015 Closed
Nov/25/15 to Dec/15/15
City of St. Marys Street Program 2015 Closed
Nov/25/15 to Dec/15/15
City of St. Marys Electric Distribution Storage Building Project 2015 Closed
Nov/25/15 to Dec/15/15
K.C. Geiger Park West Concession Stand and Rest Room Project 2015 Closed
Nov/25/15 to Dec/15/15
Kaufman Ditch Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project 2015 Closed
Sep/27/15 to Oct/8/15
2015 CDBG Kuck's Kove Park Rubber Safety Surface Project Closed
Jul/15/15 to Jul/30/15
2015 Street Program Closed
Jul/1/15 to Jul/16/15
Rock Salt Bid 2015 Closed Jul/9/15
Water Plant Treatment Chemicals, Pebble Lime, Dense Soda Ash Closed Feb/18/15
RFP For Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Program Closed
Nov/12/14 to Jan/9/15
Street Materials Bid Closed
Nov/6/14 to Nov/20/14
Regional Canal Development Project Closed
Sep/23/14 to Oct/7/14
K.C. Geiger River Walk Closed
Jul/16/14 to Jul/31/14
Rock Salt Closed Jul/2/14
Demolition and Removal of the Former Power Plant Closed
May/28/14 to Jun/19/14
2014 Street Program Closed
Feb/26/14 to Mar/13/14
Water Treatment Chemicals - Pebble Lime and Dense Soda Ash Closed
Feb/4/14 to Feb/18/14
2014 Electrical Distribution Materials Closed
Nov/19/13 to Dec/4/13
Street Maintenance Materials Closed
Nov/7/13 to Nov/21/13
Rock Salt Closed
Aug/15/13 to Aug/29/13
The City of St. Marys Former Power Plant Asbestos Abatement Project Closed
Jul/10/13 to Jul/25/13
Moving Ohio Forward House Demolition 2013 - Quote Closed
May/28/13 to Jun/7/13
2013 CDBG Hager Street Resurfacing Closed
May/1/13 to May/17/13
One 2013 Dump Body and Hoist, Snow Plow, Pump and Cradle, Salt Spreader and Brine Tank Closed
Apr/11/13 to Apr/25/13
One 2013 Truck, Cab, Chassis Closed
Apr/18/13 to May/2/13
High Street Reconstruction Project Closed
Feb/13/13 to Feb/28/13