Water Treatment Plant Project


Construction of the new St. Marys Water Treatment Plant began on August 6, 2018, with the construction of a parking pad. The ground breaking ceremony was held on Friday, August 10th and was officiated by St. Marys Mayor, Patrick McGowan. Also in attendance was Ohio’s 82nd District Representative, Craig Riedel, along with representatives from Peterson Construction Company, Jones and Henry Engineers, and various City officials.

The new plant will be located at the intersection of SR66a and Koop Road and is expected to be completed in about twenty months. The cost of the plant is approximately 18 million dollars.

September 20, 2018

The first major concrete pour began today with the construction of a lower level holding tank base.  The eighteen-inch thick base took approximately 89 yards of a specialized concrete mix to complete.  Attached below are several pictures taken during the work. 

                                                                November and December, 2018

The outer walls of the plant processing building are starting to take shape. The final floor height of the main level is up to grade and will be ready to pour after electrical conduits are installed. Below are some pictures of the progress.

January and February, 2019

As expected, the weather during the last several months has been less than cooperative.  Rain, snow, and bitter temperatures have hampered the process of pouring concrete. In spite of the weather, work continues on the main process floor with the installation of piping, etc.  A break in the weather on February 22 allowed for more concrete to be added.   Several aerial photos of the progress can be seen below.