The City of St. Marys Municipal Electric System was established more than 100 years ago with the goal of providing safe and reliable electric service. We are a not-for-profit public power electric utility owned by YOU!

The City of St. Marys Municipal Electric System is a member of American Municipal Power (AMP). AMP is a wholesale supplier and service provider to public power communities. They are a non-profit corporation, organized under the laws of the State of Ohio, for the purpose of providing for the purchase, generation, transmission and/or distribution of electric energy and power to its Member Communities. In addition, the City is a member of the Ohio Municipal Electric Association (OMEA) which represents the legislative interests of Ohio's municipal electric communities and AMP in both Columbus and Washington, D.C. OMEA is dedicated to protecting the independence and constitutional rights of Ohio's public power systems. Together we strive to provide our customers with a cost-effective electric utility.

Also, as a public power community, we give back to the community. The City of St. Marys Municipal Electric System makes annual contributions to the community averaging more than $100,000. These contributions include street lighting, traffic signal control/lights, holiday lighting, electric service to community facilities, etc. Contributions include not only electric service, but materials and labor as well.

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