Utility Office

The City of St. Marys Utility Office is open to the public from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. The building is equipped with a drive-up window for conducting daily business. An after-hours drop box is located in the foyer for your convenience and in the municipal parking lot behind the Utility Office. Duties of Utility Office personnel include meter reading, billing, collections, and customer service for 5000+ accounts for the following utility services: electric, water, sewer, refuse.

Applying for Utility ServiceTwo women standing in an office

If you are in need of utility services, please visit us at 106 East Spring Street. A utility application, accompanied by a picture ID, must be completed prior to the implementation or transfer of service. If you are unable to stop at the office during regular business hours, please call and make other arrangements with office personnel. An electric utility deposit may be required at the time of transfer and all existing accounts must be paid in full.

Residential Customers

A $350 deposit is required for residential customers. Deposits are refunded, upon application, when good credit has been established by paying twelve consecutive bills on or before the 25th of the month in which payment is due. If you rent and move to another residence in the City and have established good credit, no deposit is required to transfer utilities to the new residence. If good credit has not been established, the previous deposit will remain on file.

If a married couple separates or divorces and has established good credit, no deposit is necessary for either party for services transferred to another location. If good credit has not been established, a deposit is required for each individual.

Commercial Customers

The required deposit for commercial customers is equal to two months' bills which are based upon an estimated 12 months' usage. This deposit may be adjusted after a more accurate history has been recorded.

"High Risk" deposits, deposits equal to four months' bills based on the formula above, are required for accounts that, based on prior credit history, may be in jeopardy.

The minimum commercial deposit is $350. Commercial deposits may only be altered by the Director of Public Service and Safety. The Director may accept a letter of credit from a bank (to be held on file) in lieu of a said deposit. Commercial deposits are refunded only if the customer has established good credit by paying 24 consecutive months' bills in full on or before the 25th of the month in which payment is due.

Apply for Utility Service

Utility Bills

Utility bills are mailed at the end of the month and are due the 10th of the following month. A return envelope is included for your convenience. Please tear off the payment stub and include it with your payment.

Utility bills can be paid with cash, check, money order, through online bill payment or using our direct payment plan. You can pay your bill in person at the Utility Office or use the drive-up window, drop box located inside the main entrance to our office or the drop box located in the municipal parking lot behind our office. We accept credit card payments over the phone at 419-597-8460 through our third party service, SmartPayWorks.

View Your Bill Online

The City of St. Marys is now providing a way for you to view your utility bill and billing history online. Click the link below and click Register to create a new account. You will need your customer account number and your account name as it appears on your monthly utility bill.

Monthly statements are available online for one year from their statement date. You may select to have your monthly bills emailed to you instead of mailed. With this feature you can request a reminder email be sent to you 7 days before the due date on a bill if you have not viewed the bill online. Register or login.

Payment Options

Direct Payment

Direct Payment gives you the convenience of paying your utility bill without having to write a check. This payment option allows for the amount of your utility bill to be electronically withdrawn from your bank account on the 5th of each month and forwarded to the City of St. Marys. A copy of your bill is mailed to you before the bank deducts the payment from your account. Your bank statement will show the amount paid to the City. To enroll in this plan, please complete the required form and return it to the City. View the Direct Payment Authorization (PDF).

Level Bill Payment Plan

The Level Bill Payment Plan allows you to spread the cost of heating and air conditioning evenly throughout the year. Your Level Bill Payment is based on your electric and water usage the previous year and then adjusted to include any projected changes in utility rates in the upcoming year. The Level Bill Payment amount to be paid each month remains the same; however, actual charges are calculated monthly and any difference between the amount paid and the amount charged is held as a deferred balance. Once annually, a settle-up process occurs and budget customers are required to pay actual and any deferred balances remaining from the current budget year.

Level Bill Payment Plan applications are accepted in August of each year. The first payment is due with the September billing. To enroll in this plan, contact the Utility Office at 419-300-3142. View the Level Bill Payment Plan (PDF).

Online or Pay-by-Phone Bill Payment

The City of St. Marys offers secured Online Bill Payments. A new account can easily be created. All you need is your account number and name on your bill.

  • Credit/Debit Card
    • $0 to $50.00 payment: $1.50 fee
    • $50.01 to $100.00 payment: $2.00 fee
    • Over $100.00: 2.25% of the transaction
  • E-Check $1.75 per $500.00 payment
  • Pay-by-Phone (419-597-8460): 2.4% of the transaction

Terminating Service

If you would like to terminate your utility services with the City of St. Marys, please contact the Utility Office at 419-300-3142 or 106 East Spring Street. A final meter reading will be scheduled and a final bill will be sent to your forwarding address.

Efficiency Smart

The City of St. Marys partners with Efficiency Smart to help residents and businesses save energy and money. From advice on products or projects to rebates and discounts on energy improvements, Efficiency Smart can help you from start to finish.