The original water plant was constructed as a part of the City's power generating facility. Four wells, located north of the present-day Power Plant, could pump up to 300,000 gallons of well water each day. The wells flowed to a covered receiving well 38 feet in diameter and 28 feet deep. Untreated well water was pumped from the receiving well direct to the distribution system by two steam-powered pumps with a 750,000 gallons capacity each. The distribution system consisted of 12½ miles of water mains which served 75% of the population. There were 280 services provided.


In 1924, improvements included the installation of a 1,000 gallon per minute fire pump and the construction of a new well near Scott Street.


The Main Street water tower was placed into service with a 500,000-gallon capacity. It is still in use today.


Chlorination equipment was installed at Scott Street well upon the recommendation of the Ohio Department of Health. A serious epidemic of dysentery was traced to contamination of the well.


St. Marys assumed operation and maintenance of the Villa Nova water system.


The Barrington Wellfield was developed when one well was drilled. Well 3 was abandoned in 2001.


A second well was drilled in the Barrington Wellfield which allowed St. Marys to decommission the Scott Street well. Well 4 is still used today.


A new water treatment plant began operating at the site of the present facility. St. Marys attempted to build it as early as 1942, but due to World War II, construction could not begin until 1946. The new plant had a 1,200,000 gallon daily capacity and included softening and filtration facilities.

1967 & 1968

The Carl Jackson Wellfield was developed when Well 1 was drilled in 1967. Well 2 was drilled in 1968.


An addition at the treatment plant increased daily treatment capacity to 2,400,000 gallons.


Two 6 and a half acre lime sludge lagoons were built.


St. Marys extended water services to the Southmoor Shores and Otterbein developments on the south side of Grand Lake St. Marys.


The McKinley Road water tower was constructed with a capacity of 750,000 gallons.


The treatment plant laboratory was expanded and completely remodeled in order to meet new Ohio EPA laboratory requirements. All work was done in-house.


The original water tower received a complete rehabilitation.


Major and essential treatment equipment was replaced at the treatment plant. A standby emergency power generator was installed.


A third well was drilled in the Barrington Wellfield. Well 5 is our deepest well at 354 feet.


St. Marys extended water services north of Grand Lake St. Marys to serve the Nazarene Center and Sandy Beach.

2002 & 2006

In 2002, St. Marys extended water services to Schroeder Road south of Grand Lake St. Marys to serve new development in the area. In 2006, Harmon's Landing area was added.


For the first time, water services were extended north of U.S. Route 33, initially to serve the new High/Middle School complex, but sized to serve a much larger area.


St. Marys extended water services to the Breezewood development south of Grand Lake St. Marys