What constitutes a Vacant Building Plan?

A vacant building plan, at a minimum, must contain one of the following:

  • Demolition: If the building is to be demolished, a demolition plan indicating the proposed time frame for demolition which includes starting within 30 days of acceptance of the proposed demolition timeline and does not exceed one year in accordance with the Ohio Building Code. (Note: Demo permit from the Miami County Building Department is required.)
  • Vacant and Secure: If the building is to remain vacant, a plan for ensuring the building is secured in accordance with all applicable building and fire codes along with the procedure that will be used to maintain the property, and a statement of the reasons why the building will be left vacant. One example of an appropriate Vacant and Secure Plan is a building that is listed for sale. (Note: This does not exempt the structure from any applicable nuisance or zoning codes.)
  • Rehabilitation: If the building is to be returned to appropriate occupancy or use, rehabilitation plans for the building and grounds are required. The rehabilitation plan shall not exceed 12 months from the time permits are obtained unless an extension is granted from the Zoning Board. Any repairs, improvements or alterations to the property must comply with any applicable zoning, housing, historic preservation, or building codes, and the property must be properly secured during the rehabilitation.

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