My utility charges seem high this month. Can you explain why?

Many variables can affect your charges for utility services. Remember, charges are calculated based on usage as metered and read monthly. Electric usage generally fluctuates with changes in outdoor temperatures, especially when your house or building is heated or cooled electrically. Water usage also tends to increase during spring and summer seasons with the use of water for gardening, showers and baths, car washing and recreation. Since water consumption is used to determine sewer usage, sewer charges increase along with water charges. Although charges may fluctuate slightly depending on the number of days between readings, many variances in usage patterns can be attributed to malfunctioning appliances that continuously draw power or water.

Electric, water and sewer bills are based on consumption, and the number of days in the service period will cause your bill to vary from month to month. Refuse is billed each month at a flat rate.

Contact Customer Service at 419-300-3142, if you believe your billed usage for electric or water is incorrect.

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