Can I get on a budget to pay my utility charges?

Yes, the City of St. Marys offers a Level Bill Payment Plan option to residential homeowners. Level Bill Payment Plan applications are accepted each year in August. A twelve month billing history is required with the City at the same address as on the application and your account must have a zero balance due. With the Level Bill Payment Plan, you make a set budgeted payment each month that is approximately equal to the average monthly utility charge during the prior 12-month period. Although the amount billed each month is the same, the actual charges are calculated monthly and the difference between the amount paid and the amount used is held as a deferred balance. Once annually, a settle-up process occurs and budget customers are required to pay actual and any deferred balances remaining from the current budget year. Level Bill Payment accounts are reviewed annually to ensure that the budget amount remains close to the current monthly average and are adjusted as necessary.

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