Housing and Neighborhoods

Housing options in and around St. Marys are very diverse. Small town living, with its walkable neighborhoods to great schools. Country living, where space is readily available. Lakeside living, where a scenic view is right outside your window. Whatever environment you prefer, St. Marys has an affordable, attractive housing option for everyone. With dozens of distinct and colorful neighborhoods to choose from, residents can easily find housing to match their lifestyle.

St. Marys is located along the shoreline of Grand Lake St. Marys. With a shoreline of 52 miles long, the lake is approximately nine miles long and three miles wide. It is the largest artificial body of water in the world built without the use of machinery. Lake activities include camping, fishing, boating, and swimming.

Housing and Income Demographics
  St. Marys Auglaize Co. West Central Ohio
Total Housing Unit 3,479 18,470 264,678
Total Households 3,218 17,376 245,826
Average Household Size 2.55 2.62 2.59
Average Family Size 3.1 3.11 3.07
Households with under 18 1,204 6,449 89,421
Households with over 65 827 4,346 60,067
Owner Occupied 2,271 13,536 184,970
Renter Occupied 947 3,840 60,067
Median Home Value $78,000 $90,600 $90,950
Per Capita Income $17,682 $19,593 $19,076
Median Family Income $44,557 $50,024 $48,694


0% Interest and No Monthly Payments!

Eligible homeowners in Auglaize County may qualify to receive 0% interest declining/deferred loans with no monthly payments!
Repairs may include: roof replacement, heating/plumbing/electrical systems, siding, windows, septic/well systems, and accessibility improvements.
To learn more about the program and eligibility requirements, or to apply for assistance, please contact:

Auglaize County Board of Commissioners at (419) 739-6710;
Or, the County’s CHIP Consultant,
Poggemeyer Design Group at 1(877) 836-3206 (Toll-free)