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Solid Waste

For trash to be picked up, it must meet all City guidelines including:

  • It must have a tag on it;
  • Trash should be placed at the curb no later than 7 a.m. on day of pick up;
  • Trash containers shall not exceed 32 gallon capacity and shall not exceed a maximum filled weight of 33 pounds. The maximum bag size is 33 gallon capacity with a maximum weight of 33 pounds. Additionally, if trash is overflowing in the container, it will not be picked up, e.g., the lid will not fit on the container.
  • Loose trash.

Trash containers cannot exceed 32 gallon capacity or exceed a maximum weight of 33 pounds. We will not empty containers larger than these specifications.

Yes; however, only if each bag inside the container is tagged. Refuse workers will not lift a container to the truck that is larger than regulation size.

It exceeded the maximum bag size which is 33 gallon capacity with a maximum weight of 33 pounds.

Yes, as long as it weighs 33 pounds or less.

The container may have been overflowing. Also, if you have a full bag on top of a 32 gallon container, it will not be taken unless tagged separately.  Loose trash will not be taken.  

Tags should be placed around the neck of the tied bag or on the handle of the trash container in a manner where it can be easily torn off. Do not place tag flat on the bag or container as it may slide off in some weather conditions.

Yes. Call the Utility Office at 419-394-3303 and request a “Special Pickup”. Fees apply.

Yes. All cardboard must be tagged with the exception of small pizza boxes.

No. An area is available at the General Services Department located at 331 N. Chestnut Street for yard waste disposal. Access is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Please do not discard of garbage or bags at this site.

Paper will not be picked up if it is wet or over the two bag per week limit. Also, make sure no trash is in with the paper.

Even though they are #2 bottles, we do not accept them due to the possibility of these items contaminating other plastics.

Yes, but the second bin must be pre-sorted with only one item in bin, e.g., all cans, paper, etc.  Please note:  At times only one (1) bin will be taken after holidays and inclement weather.  It is also subject to space availability.  

Items may not be clean or the lids or labels were not removed. Items may not be #1 or #2 plastics. Corrugated cardboard cannot be mixed in with paper.