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Utility Office

Call (419) 300-1242 for city personnel to send out an order for electric, water and sewer lines to be marked. You may also want to call OUPS for other service lines such as gas and cable at (800) 362-2764. Please call two working days before you dig.

Call the Utility Office at (419) 394-3303.

Meter reading is scheduled every month. If for some reason we are unable to read your meter, we will send a Meter Reader back at a later date or leave a door card for you to call us to schedule a time.

After contacting the Utility Office at (419) 394-3303 to report the outage, you should unplug all non-essential appliances.  Also, keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed. Continually opening and closing these doors will result in faster loss of cold air. If you think you may have heard something that may have caused the outage, please report the noise to the Utility Office

Meters (water or electric) rarely run fast, and if they do, the percentage of accuracy is usually insignificant. If your billed usage is high, it could be the result of a number of possibilities that together we can investigate such as:

  • rechecking the reading that was used for billing to verify accuracy;
  • reviewing your account history – looking at usage for the same billing period last year;
  • looking at conditions that may have changed in your household, such as more people living at the residence, etc.;
  • checking to see if there are malfunctioning appliances that draw supply, for example, lights, fans, or toilets running continuously;
  • verifying that water is not dripping from faucets, shower heads, or outside spigots and hoses.

Many variables can affect your charges for utility services. Remember, charges are calculated based on usage as metered and read monthly. Electric usage generally fluctuates with changes in outdoor temperatures, especially when your house or building is heated or cooled electrically. Water usage also tends to increase during spring and summer seasons with the use of water for gardening, showers and baths, car washing and recreation. Since water consumption is used to determine sewer usage, sewer charges increase along with water charges. Although charges may fluctuate slightly depending on the number of days between readings, many variances in usage patterns can be attributed to malfunctioning appliances that continuously draw power or water.

Electric, water and sewer bills are based on consumption, and the number of days in the service period will cause your bill to vary from month to month. Refuse is billed each month at a flat rate.

Contact Customer Service at (419) 394-3303, if you believe your billed usage for electric or water is incorrect.

Each service, water and sewer, is a different utility with specific and independent costs of operation. Federal and state environmental regulations mandate specific treatment processes, the cost of which is recovered through utility rates.

Yes, the City of St. Marys offers a budget billing option to residential homeowners. Budget applications are accepted each year in August. A twelve month billing history is required with the City at the same address as on the application and your account must have a zero balance due. With budget billing, you make a set budgeted payment each month that is approximately equal to the average monthly utility charge during the prior 12-month period. Although the amount billed each month is the same, the actual charges are calculated monthly and the difference between the amount paid and the amount used is held as a deferred balance. Once annually, a settle-up process occurs and budget customers are required to pay actual and any deferred balances remaining from the current budget year. Budget accounts are reviewed annually to ensure that the budget amount remains close to the current monthly average and are adjusted as necessary.

Utility payments are due the 10th of each month. A 5% penalty is applied for payments received after the 10th. If payment is not received by the 25th of each month, you are subject to disconnection of services.

The following bill paying options are offered by the City of St. Marys:

  • Mail your payment to: City of St. Marys, 106 E. Spring St., St. Marys, OH 45885
  • Pay in person at the Utility Office at 106 E. Spring Street. You may come inside or use the drive up window.
  • A drop box is located inside the main entrance at 106 E. Spring Street.
  • Automatic Payment Plan which pays your bill automatically on the 5th of each month.

On-line bill pay programs offered by your bank or go to  A convenience fee applies when you use this service.

Yes, you may pay with a credit card or electronic check at  A convenience fee applies to use this service.

The bill you receive is for your records showing reading dates, meter readings, usage and charges. As a bank draft customer, your bill also includes a statement that says: Direct Payment-Do Not Pay

Please contact the Utility Office to discuss a payment plan to resolve your balance.

Agencies available to assist are:

  • Auglaize County Department of Job and Family Services in Wapakoneta (419) 739-6505,
  • Sources in Celina (419) 584-1550,
  • Salvation Army (419) 584-1550, and
  • Helping Hands and the St. Marys Community Foundation (419) 394-8700.

Call the Utility Office at (419) 394-3303 to schedule the final metering.