How Do I...?

Recreational burning, i.e., fires for pleasure, cooking, ceremonial or similar purposes, in or outside City limits, must comply with the following:


Maximum size is 3 feet diameter by 2 feet high;

  • Acceptable materials to burn include dried wood, natural dimensional lumber scraps, charcoal, propane and natural gas when such materials do not emit dense smoke or noxious odors;
  • Barbecues and fire pits must be at least 10 feet from structures;
  • Portable outdoor fireplaces must be at least 15 feet from structures;
  • Fires on the ground must be at least 25 feet from structures; and
  • Barbecues and fire pits must be commercially manufactured or constructed of non-combustible materials.

Remember to be respectful of your neighbors when you conduct any type of open burning.  The City of St. Marys Fire Department is not responsible for regulating or controlling smoke issues.   Our responsibility is to protect the public from hazardous fire conditions.