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School and City Partnership

The City of St. Marys has partnered with the St. Marys Memorial High School, FFA/Agricultural Department, to allow the school to do agricultural activities on City owned property located on McKinley Road.  This partnership allows the students to get experience in crop production.  From planning, development, managing and monitoring agricultural crops, the students will learn to manage all aspects of actual farming practices.

All expenses are the responsibility of the FFA/Ag Department, and any profits generated by crop production, after expenses are paid, will be used for FFA/Ag projects.  It is the hope of the City, that by controlling the whole aspect of crop production, the students can apply what they learn later in life for careers in agriculture, that is a vital resource for this region.

Pictured above are: (L-R) Lucy Bambauer-Agricultural Education Instructor, Jeff Thompson-Supt. of Water/Sewer Depts., and students Reed Aller, Riley Sweigart, Tommy Risner, Katelyn Miley, and Kraig Noble-Law Director, and Mayor Pat McGowan.