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SMORA Rules and Regulations

With the St. Marys Outdoor Refreshment Area (SMORA) coming online soon, here are some of the rules and regulations:

  • The hours of operation for the SMORA are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day.
  • Only two SMORA beverages may be ordered per person at one time. Once a person obtains a SMORA beverages, they must exit the liquor permit holder's establishment.
  • SMORA beverages/cups may only be purchased from qualifying liquor permit holders.
  • A SMORA beverage/cup cannot be brought into a liquor permit holders' establishment. 
  • SMORA beverages may be brought into other establishments (retail, professional, etc.) as long as a sign permitting it is displayed on a door/window. Establishments can opt out of allowing SMORA beverages as well by displaying a sign on a window/door.
  • The SMORA boundaries are shown in the attached PDF.
  • Only beverages purchased from a qualifying liquor permit holder and contained in an official SMORA cup may be carried/consumed outdoors within the SMORA area. 
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