Park/Facility Event Rental Application

If you would like to reserve a City of St. Marys park or facility for a special event, please fill in the form below and submit.  If you do not receive a notification of receipt within 24 weekday hours, contact the City at 419-300-1241.

To check available dates you can view the park reservation calendar here.

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Park/Facility Requested
Renter Information
Event Information
City Service Requirements
Payment Details

Reservation Fee: $40.00.  A non-refundable reservation fee is due after application is received and approved. You will be notified once approved. Reservations are not final until fee is received and you have been notified. You can mail in or drop off your payment to the address below:

City of St. Marys
Director of Public Service and Safety
101 E. Spring Street
St. Marys, Ohio 45885

Park Rental Terms Agreement

Excess amounts of debris, violation of park rules, and/or damage to the facilities shall be cause for revoking this permit and applying additional charges to cover any costs incurred by the City due to this activity.


  1. Hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Organized activities other than during normal hours of operation must be approved by the Director of Public Service and Safety.
  2. Chapter 955 of the St. Marys Codified Ordinances governs conduct in all municipal parks.
  3. Motor vehicles must use designated parking and are not permitted on grass areas, or walkways/bikeways.
  4. Glass bottles and/or glass containers are not permitted.
  5. Please use the litter receptacles. (955.01)
  6. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted. (955.06)
  7. All animals must be held in control with a leash and are not permitted to run at large.  (955.04)
  8. If you plan to have a tent put up, you must obtain a Tent Permit from the Fire Department and you must call OUPS at 800-362-2764 or 811 approximately two weeks before the event date to have a locate done.
  9. Decorations shall not be fastened in any way (e.g., staples) that may damage or deface any structure or property within the park.  Structures include, but are not limited to: Shelter House, Canal Boat, Covered Bridge, Gazebo, etc. All decorations and distributions shall be removed from the park and/or disposed of properly.
  10. The use of paint or spray paint on pavement, concrete, or any structure is not permitted.  Groups may request to use paint on grass or dirt areas for community events; however, such requests must be approved in advance by the Director of Public Service and Safety.

It is understood that the individual/group/organization using the above designated facility will comply with all applicable State and local laws and all rules and regulations set forth by the City of St. Marys. In addition, the individual/group/organization will:

  • Be responsible for all persons in the group or organization using the facility;
  • Assume responsibility for any damage to the facility;
  • Park only in designated areas;
  • Observe all posted rules; and
  • Not allow the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

The Director of Public Service and Safety reserves the right to deny use of the City of St. Marys park facilities to groups/organizations and individuals who fail to comply with the rules and regulations set forth.

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