Employees of the Solid Waste Department pick up curbside recyclables from residential accounts within the corporation limits. There is no charge for this service. Recyclables can be placed in a City blue recycle bin or similar bin. If more than one bin is set out, recyclables must be pre-sorted. Recyclables are collected the same day as your regular trash pick-up. City blue recycle bins may be purchased at the Utility Office for $15 each. Recycling bins must be placed at the curb (not alleys) by 7:00 am. You should print your address on the side of the recycling bin. 

Note: Additional bin is subject to space availability after some holidays. At times, only one will be taken.

Newspapers & Mixed Paper

  • Please place all paper material in a paper bag. Place the bag next to the recycling bin. There is a limit of two paper or mixed paper sacks per household. Paper bags are available at grocery stores upon asking.
  • Do not leave out when raining or snowing.
  • Separate regular paper from shiny paper.

Glass Bottles & Jugs

  • All green, clear, brown glass, food and beverage containers can be recycled. No window glass or drinking cups or Pyrex cookware.
  • All glass containers should be rinsed out and have lids removed.

Plastic Bottles & Jugs

  • Soda bottles, milk and juice jugs and liquid detergent bottles fall into this category. NO motor oil or antifreeze containers!
  • Rinse out containers and remove caps before putting into bin.
  • #1 and Number 2 plastics only! When in doubt, look at the bottom of the container - if it has Number 1 PETE or Number 2 HDPE, it can be put in the bin. Please crush to conserve space. Plastic bags are not accepted.

Aluminum, Bi-Metal, Tin/Steel Beverage & Food Cans

  • All aluminum and bi-metal tin/steel food cans can be recycled.
  • Labels must be removed.
  • Rinse out containers.
  • You can save space by crushing the cans before placing them in the recycling bin.

Additional recyclables can be dropped off at the 24 hour drop-off at the St. Marys Township Fire Department on State Route 364 and the Auglaize County Recycle Center at 15502 River Road.

Remember: If it's not clean, it's not useable!

Recycling Being Put Into a Large VehicleRecyclables are sorted primarily at curbside, except plastics that are co-mingled and sorted at the Auglaize County Recycling Facility. The curbside operation is completed by one person utilizing one route truck. All recyclables are taken to the Auglaize County Recycling Facility on River Road. The City is reimbursed for all recyclables pre-sorted before delivery to the County facility.

A limited cardboard route is available to several commercial accounts on the City of St. Marys' commercial hopper service.

Notice: Paint and hazardous items must be taken to the Auglaize County Recycling Center on River Road. Please call 419-394-1270 for more information and on times paint is accepted.