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Gardening Program Agreement

    City of St. Marys Water Treatment Plant, 11314 County Road 66A, St. Marys

    The City of St. Marys is offering a Gardening Plot Program as a free service for residents inside and outside City limits who are current City of St. Marys water customers. Plots measuring 20 feet wide x 50 feet long or 20 feet wide x 25 feet long will be offered as a place for residents to develop a garden plot.  

    Participants must be a current City of St. Marys water customer or a tenant of a facility that is a water customer. Others interested may be considered depending upon availability. Applications can be filled out on the City of St. Marys website or may be picked up at the Municipal Building, 101 E. Spring Street.  Applicants will be notified once their application is accepted or not.  If plots are not available, the applicant will be put on a waiting list and be notified when a plot becomes available.

    The City will assign the plot numbers and are on a first come first serve basis. From September 1st to December 31st, participants will have the opportunity to reserve their same plot for the following year.

    Plots are numbered from west to east and will be marked in the southeast corner of each plot. Signed Agreements and map of plot participants will be kept for City records.

    On Site Restrictions

    • Parking in the grass is prohibited. Participants must park on the paved driveway parallel on the north edge of the Water Plant. Thru traffic must be maintained allowing for normal business traffic for the Water Plant.
    • No pets allowed.
    • Children must be within a reasonable distance and in view of a parent or guardian at all times and are required to remain in the vicinity of the garden plots.
    • For safety and security reasons playing is prohibited around the buildings, structures, un-mowed areas and on paved areas. Violation of this will be considered trespassing and violators subject to trespassing laws.
    • The hours of garden plot access will be from sunrise to sunset.
    • The gardening season for participant use is April 15th thru November 1st.  No activities are to take place during the winter season.
    • No public restrooms are provided
    • No littering or vandalism.

    Gardening Plot Requirements

    Plot Users May:

    • Fence in their respective plot to protect it from animal damage.
    • Apply herbicides and pesticides as needed to their own plot.
    • Tarp over their plots for frost protection as long adequately secured on all sides.
    • Store hose on a reel on their assigned plot during the gardening season as long as it does not impede mowing of the area.

    Plot Users May Not:

    • Leave trash, buckets, watering cans, or other items on site.
    • Disturb or take from other plot users' area.
    • Allow pesticides and herbicides to go beyond own plot boundaries.
    • Discard unwanted plants, vegetables or fruits anywhere except the designated "compost" area.
    • Erect a structure of any kind.

    General Conditions of Use
    Plot users must maintain their designated plot area. Weeds to the point of going to seed and/or encroaching on other plots will be considered an abandoned plot, which will then be killed and mowed at the City’s discretion. The plot will then be reserved for a future applicant.  

    All stakes, fencing, cages, strings, etc. (except City installed) must be removed by November 1st of each year.  

    Absolutely no alcohol, substance abuse, firearms or other items covered by City legislation and policy are allowed on City property. Applicable laws and ordinances will be enforced. 

    City of St. Marys Obligation
    The City will be in charge of plotting off and working up the ground (weather and work load permitting) each year prior to the beginning of the gardening season (April 15th) and after the gardening season (November 1st). The City intends to provide watering accessibility via yard hydrants, which are to be shared amongst plots.  Water quantity or availability may be regulated if necessary. Access between plots will be available to run hoses through. The City will mow and maintain the area surrounding the garden plot area. The City of St. Marys is not responsible for accidents, injuries, damages, lost/stolen items, etc. as a result of providing the Gardening Program.

    The City reserves the exclusive right, for any reason, to revoke gardening plot agreements, refuse access to City property, and terminate the gardening program with no obligation for reimbursement to users. The Director of Public Service and Safety or designee has full force and effect for any decisions for items and/or exclusions related to the Gardening Program. All decisions shall be final.

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    I agree to the terms of this Agreement and understand that the City of St. Marys has no obligation to the signer of this Agreement. It is further understood that the applicant or others associated with the applicant, have no legal rights to or authority over the property, namely the "plot" that is assigned to the applicant.

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