Important Links

Business Fire Safety Checklist

Businesses should use the Business Fire Safety Checklist form above to familiarize themselves with what our inspectors are generally looking for when inspecting their occupancy. As issues are found, they can be corrected prior to our inspectors finding them.  View the Business Fire Safety Checklist (PDF).  

Home Safety Checklist

A residential fire occurs every half hour in Ohio. Homeowners and renters should use the Home Safety Checklist form to determine the safety of their home. View the Home Safety Checklist (PDF). 

Process of the Annual Fire Inspection

Initial and annual fire inspections are performed by looking at both the outside and inside of the building, making sure everything is up to the current fire code.  After an inspection is complete, the fire inspector will review with the owner/occupant the results of the inspection including any violations found.  The report is emailed to the owner/occupant when possible.  If violations are not corrected upon re-inspection, the report will be forwarded to the Fire Chief, who will contact the owner/occupant and another inspection will be performed.  Daily fines may be assessed to the owner/occupant until all violations are corrected. 

Examples of Violations

  • Exit/egress lights working properly
  • Accessible means of egress
  • Fire extinguisher placement and expiration date
  • Extension cords
  • Storage too close to the ceiling