Electric Distribution

The Electric Department is responsible for maintaining the electric distribution system as well as the City's street lighting and traffic signal system. Employees also maintain the four substations pictured below and carry out a variety of electrical jobs for other City departments, install equipment and provide electric service to community events such as SummerFest, install Christmas decorations, and maintain lighting in our parks. Special services provided by the Electric Department are:

  • On call personnel 24 hours/day
  • Removal of electric meter boxes when putting siding on your home
  • Trim tree limbs from around power lines
  • Provide a rental light program for your home
  • Check for low voltage to your home
  • No charge to read your meter between tenants
  • No charge to turn power on/off between tenants

For any of the services, please contact the Utility Office at 419-300-3142, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. All other hours, contact the Police Department at 419-394-2325.

Hegemann Substation

Hegemann SubstationIncoming electricity from American Electric Power (AEP) is received. The voltage is reduced from 138,000 volts to 69,000 volts and supplied to the City's remaining substations.

Spokeworks Substation

Spokeworks SubstationVoltage is further reduced to 12,470 volts and supplied to several industrial customers and the Village of New Knoxville.

Tomlinson Substation

Tomlinson SubstationVoltage is also reduced to 12,470 volts and supplied to the remainder of the distribution system through breakers located within the substation.

Lore Substation

Lore SubstationNormally supplied from the City's second 69 KV tie with AEP. The voltage is again reduced to 12,470 volts and supplied to several industrial customers. Two industrial customers are served directly from the 69 KV tie.